Peppered Fish

  • Fish filets - fatty fish works better, any is fine
  • Pepper regular or coarse ground
  • Salt optional
  • Liquid pepper sauce
  • Dry cornmeal mix
  • Canola oil

    Note: If the fish is not a fatty fish, you might use 1-2 tablespoons of light olive oil or canola oil in the recipe.

    Directions: Sprinkle black pepper onto a flat surface with a lip so the juice doesnít spill. I use a generous amount, really itís just to taste, however the hot is NOT really hot after preparation is complete. Next, lay the filets on the peppered surface and press into the pepper. Sprinkle another dusting of pepper over the tops of the fish and press that into the filets. Into a zipper closure bag put 1-2 tablespoons of liquid pepper sauce, such as Tabasco, and 1-2 tablespoons oil (optional). Gently place fish in bag and turn over once or twice without disturbing the black pepper too much. Let rest un-refrigerated for NO MORE than 15 minutes. Lift gently from bag and dust lightly with corn meal mix and drop into hot frying oil. I use canola oil in a boiler from my kitchen. When the fish floats, it is ready to drain on paper towels.

    Notes to remember: Fish cooks very fast, so have the frying oil hot. After adding the fish and the oil heats back up to frying temperature, turn down slightly so the fish will cook through without overcooking on the outside.

    The fish can be cut into serving or bite size pieces, especially if you have children who particularly like bite-size pieces. Donít have the pieces too big to fit into your frying vessel.

    Changes to recipe: Barracuda and kingfish work best in this recipe because fish such as these need flavor to excite the taste buds. Fish such as dolphin has a fabulous taste on its own.

    When completed, this fish will not be hot with pepper, but you can make it that way. My suggestion is to start with less; you can always add more. I do not add salt in this recipe for several reasons. The fish I use is a saltwater fish, and the pepper sauce and cornmeal mix also have salt in them.